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RTP 1300-HR20

High torque tightening for applications involving pipe flanges, compression moulds and manufacturing jigs, maintenance and repairs on large machines for energy production and raw materials mining. All of these have long been the job of impact nutrunners and click torque wrenches.

RTP 4100-HR25

That was mainly because there were no precise, powerful, high-torque tools that allowed access to tight places near walls and could deal with compressed gaskets and corroded bolts, among other things. And they had to perform their demanding tasks quickly, easily and safely for the operators, while providing good ergonomics and high repeatability. For these applications, Atlas Copco has developed the RTP pneumatic nutrunner, which covers a range from 260 Nm to 8000 Nm. RTP is designed specifically for maintenance, repairs and construction. It works as reliably in the production hall as with a portable compressor. A robust, durable tool body; a long, thin steel gearbox; a planetary gear system made of high-quality steel — all rounded out by an Atlas Copco Turbo hose with Kevlar braid and a lubrication valve built into a mobile steel stand with a calibrated monometer.



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