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LSB 38 S085, GTB 25 S085

Edging, beveling, chamfering. For a long time, conventional grinding machines carried out these activities, as a grinder worked the edge with a slanted tool.

The results were inconsistent. The chamfered edge significantly varies — different bevel angle and depth, varying surface quality. Welders then had to compensate for this bad quality with a sensitive hand, so that the weld joint had the required quality and solidity. If the edge was not beveled due to welding but for the purpose of improving the properties, adhesion and durability of the surface treatment applied, this inconsistency was visible to the naked eye and detracted from the professional quality of the end product. Worse yet, this inconsistent beveling before surface treatment could cause paint to flake off easily or decrease its durability.

Atlas Copco is introducing two tools to the market — modified grinders equipped with a milling head. They are designed for highly precise beveling and complete the process up to 10 times faster than an ordinary grinder. The tool LSB38, with a 1,3 kW vane motor, and the GTB25, with a 2,5 kW turbine motor, meet most beveling requirements.

The standard Atlas Copco beveller models allow direct bevelling at 30-, 45- or 60-degree angles to a depth of 15 mm. For customers who need a different bevel angle, we can offer a custom adapted tool.
For users who do not want straight beveled edges but prefer arches for better paint resistance or for visual reasons, for example, we have standard tool models for edge rounding with a radius of 3 mm or 4 mm. Still other rounding radiuses can be provided based on individual consultation.

The LSB38 and GTB25 are tools that significantly accelerate the beveling process and exponentially improve bevel quality. For welded joints, they improve welding productivity and increase the strength of the weld. For beveling applications after surface treatment, these tools allow better surface treatment properties in keeping with ISO 12944. They provide surface treatment quality that is widely used in producing ships, trains, metal structures, and steel parts for agricultural and mining machines.


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