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Product safety requirements are increasing, especially in the automotive industry. As a result, more and more clients are interested in calibration services. As a leader in the assembly technology market, Atlas Copco is aware that access to a broad range of calibration services is key for many products. For that reason, the company continuously invests in its ITS calibration laboratory.

The ITS Calibration Laboratory ensures that the tools and equipment customers use in production are perfectly programmed and adjusted. “Atlas Copco products are developed to work as effectively as possible. But they have to be properly calibrated. This is the only way for the owner to get the most out of them,” says Roman Janzák, explaining the importance of calibration. Tool settings greatly influence assembly reliability. “Undervaluing calibration can result in needless defects that cause more time and to repair,” Janzák adds. Use of calibration services for hand torque tools, sensors and gauges significantly contributes to maintaining the parameters prescribed for all technical work that requires reliable tightening. 

Praise from auditors

The ITS Calibration Laboratory is unique in Central and Eastern Europe. Its services also include rotation angle calibration and other measurements. Thanks to new equipment, it is also able to perform torque calibration for all related equipment — not only transducers, nutrunners and screwdrivers, but torque wrenches as well.

“At the end of last year, we successfully underwent an audit by the Czech Accreditation Institute. We got very high marks. The auditors praised both the laboratory’s technical equipment and our expertise in rotation angle calibration,” says Janzák. The laboratory is now certified to provide calibration in the ranges of 0,05 Nm – 2,000 Nm and n•360°. At the same time, it meets the requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 a OHSAS 18001.

In their work, the calibration lab’s employees cater to customers’ needs. They perform calibration and the necessary administrative work either in the laboratory or right at the customer’s plant. However, the laboratory’s work is not restricted only to Atlas Copco industrial tools. “We also use our wealth of experience to calibrate tools of other brands. It is essential to comply with the calibration range specified in the appendix to the accreditation certificate,” says Roman Janzák. Thanks to international treaties on accreditation recognition, the calibration certificates are valid wherever the workshop is.

Calibration is more than a service

There is a big difference between adjusting torque tools through a service department and accredited calibration. A good service organization provides settings at the level of the customer’s technical requirements, but it does not replace impartial, independent assessment of the equipment’s ability to obtain the required results. In the calibration laboratory, the employees and facility are subject to special standards. By law, the laboratory employees must undergo repeated training, both on calibration practices and on regulations. The calibration laboratory is also bound by rules, and it if doesn’t adhere to them, it can lose its certification.

The calibration lab’s customers can be sure that an auditor and technical expert from the accreditation body stringently monitor the laboratory employees’ activities. At the same time, the accreditation organization pays special attention to the ability to submit complaints about the laboratory and have them settled.

For all of these reasons, there is growing demand for the services of the ITS calibration lab. At some companies, the requirement for independent, accredited calibration stems directly from the quality management certification system.

Our People: Calibration Laboratory

ITS Calibration Laboratory provides calibration services not only for Atlas Copco equipment. The Calibration Laboratory team includes both administration and operation. Experienced team of laboratory technicians provides the services in accredited laboratories and also directly at customers’ site.

Learn more about Calibration Laboratory on www.its-ee.com.




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