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Heavy duty valve assembly in Danfoss Trata

Heat and air conditioning in buildings are something most Europeans take for granted. However, a lot of work and effort go into our everyday comfort. And Atlas Copco tools help make sure everything works as it should. We have had to develop some of them just for customers’ unusual requirements.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of HVAC components is Danfoss Trata. Because their brand is associated with reliability and high quality, they place great emphasis on precision assembly. And that is exactly why the owners chose to equip their lines with Atlas Copco tools. The equipment helps workers assemble balancing valves.

“We often ran into problems with air pressure. Our pulse tool didn’t work reliably and wasn’t even very durable,” says Dušan Narat, describing the unacceptable situation at Danfoss Trata. Another problem was the specifics of the assembly. “We need our equipment to provide information about pre-tightening and joint count,” Dušan Narat adds. Therefore, Danfoss Trata decided to invest in a reliable, durable solution.

When the air pressure fluctuates

“The client came to us with a clear requirement. He was looking for a comprehensive system to replace his existing pulse tool and at the same time provide information on all the specifics of assembly,” says Jure Lesjak of Atlas Copco. His team finally advised the Slovenian manufacturer to use the Tensor DS9 electrical direct nutrunner. It is ideal for ensuring quality-critical joints and, compared to conventional tools, increases both reliability and productivity in manufacturing. “The device’s maximum speed is 220 rpm. This nutrunner’s tightening fluency and precision are ensured by helical gearing in the angle heads with a better contact ratio,” explains Jure Lesjak.

For Danfoss Trata, the tools supplemented an SMC reaction arm. “This provides maximum flexibility. Its low weight and smooth movement make the operator’s work easier,” says Jure Lesjak.

Heavy duty valve assembly in Danfoss Trata

Selector for extra-large tightening attachments

Atlas Copco had to tailor another element of the assembly specially for the client. It was a panel for tightening extensions, called a selector, that allows insertion of four different extensions to the standard design. Here they needed 16. “The head selectors reduce the risk of defects caused by the variety of products. They automatically select the proper tightening torque according to the tightening extension removed,” Dušan Narat explains.

A Power Focus 4000 control unit ensures that the entire assembly station runs reliably. “It contributes to control of the tools while providing the operator with clear, intelligible information on the tightening process,” says Dušan Narat. Just set the assembly requirements ahead of time, and the unit automatically chooses the right tightening sequence and parameters. The operator is guided through the whole process, eliminating the risk of worker-caused defects. At Danfoss Trata, they’re extremely satisfied with the equipment — the change became apparent very quickly. “Production is much more reliable, the station works more precisely, and it even uses less energy than the previous equipment,” Dušan Narat says. The equipment not only saves money, but space too, because the solution is extremely compact. “Atlas Copco precisely met our requirements. Employee errors were eliminated, and so were defects caused by fluctuating air pressure when using the pulse tools,” Dušan Narat remarks.


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