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We are proud to support our business partners in their local activities

At the beginning the team played friendly matches, mostly with corporate teams. Later came the idea to start to participate in various tournaments, some of them for charity. We started participating in the autumn and the spring edition of the most interesting and popular tournament in the capital – “Sofia League“.

With each season, “Sofia League“ aims to attract the attention of sportsmen and new athletes to improve sports culture and interest in professional football. The team participated in the winter league tournament, which was open to teams from other leagues and cities divided into several groups.

In October 2014 the team of Kammarton Bulgaria joined the charitable football tournament “Playing sports with a mission“, organised by Holiday Heroes, under the motto “ones’s life is much more enjoyable when you play sports, and when through sport you can help other people, the reward is even bigger“.

Thanks to our sponsors Atlas Copco, Loctite and Bahco, the Football team of Kammarton Bulgaria supports social causes and contributes to their development.

Zornitsa Petrova
Kammarton Bulgaria Ltd



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